P4L_Logo_1.pngI believe a new and better world is poised to emerge from a spirit of community and entrepreneurship in service with the whole of life.

It can be catalyzed with our philanthropic gifts energized by Profits4Life - a financial mechanism repointing our human enterprise True North. This 'financial DNA' enables humanity to better realize its full evolutionary potential by rebalancing economic, social, natural, cultural, and spiritual sources and flows in society - restoring the very fabric of life.

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    Press Release

     Book_Arrival.pngTransforming the World – One Person at a Time

    Washington DC, June 21, 2016 —  Gandhi said: “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”

    Pebbles in the Pond (Wave Five) is an important new book by Transformation Books Publishing that shows readers how to successfully navigate their way through these ever-changing, unpredictable times so they can encourage, inspire and influence others to reach their highest potential. 

    At this time in history we are on the precipice of experiencing the new world many people have been dreaming about – a world filled with love, cooperation, contribution, service, community, and abundance for all. And there are a growing number of people who are doing all they can to heal themselves, become a part of the solution (simply by being who they truly and authentically are), and bring more light and love into the world. 

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    Pebbles in the Pond


    Transforming the World One Person at a Time

    Can your most difficult moments be the ones that shed the greatest light in your life? These courageous visionaries say YES! Join these transformational authors as they share their own touching, amazing, and deeply inspiring true stories of their trials, triumphs, and ultimate transformations. Watch Pebbles in the Pond - Video Trailer

    In this fifth wave of Pebbles in the Pond, you’ll connect with a diverse group of messengers whose stories are unique, yet whose messages have a common thread of inspiration, hope, healing, transformation, and new possibilities.


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    Pebbles in the Pond - Video Trailer

    What If Your Biggest Challenges, Struggles, and Heartbreaks Were Actually Preparing You for Your Greatest Transformation… and Contribution to the World? 


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